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Year : 2005    Volume : 37   Num : 1pages : 1  
Title Proteomic applications of surface plasmon resonance biosensors: analysis of protein arrays
AuthorJong Seol Yuk and Kwon-Soo Ha

Proteomics is one of the most important issues in the post-genomic area, because it can greatly contribute to identifying protein biomarkers for disease diagnosis and drug screening. Protein array is a key technology for proteome researches and has been analyzed by various methods including fluorescence, mass spectrometry, atomic force microscopy and surface plasmon resonance (SPR). SPR biosensor is a promising technology in proteomics, since it has various advantages including real-time measurement of biomolecular interactions without labeling and the simple optical system for the device. SPR biosensors have a strong potential for analyzing proteomes by SPR imaging and SPR spectroscopic imaging, even though the challenge is to produce proteins on a proteomic scale.

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